Types of Apparel in the Fashion Industry

September 3, 2021 , Apparels

Apparel are basic everyday items usually worn around the torso. Typically, clothes made from fabrics or garments have been made using cloths or man-made materials, but sometimes over the years it has also included clothing made from animal skins and other natural fibrous sheets of materials used in the soil, and other natural products which can be found in the surroundings. The latter type of material is referred to as a ‘natural’ product.

Clothing is usually defined by the materials used in its construction. These four fabric classes are usually separated by a very thin line, however; these fabric classes are very vague and no precise line can really be drawn. Generally speaking, the thicker the fabric, the more expensive the clothing is, and usually it is also considered of better quality, although this may not hold true for all types of clothing. Below are some common categories of apparel, with descriptions given to help you better understand them.

This type of clothing is usually referred to as dressy and often includes skirts, pant, jackets, blouses and blazers. For example, you would probably find a skirt called an ‘a par el jacket’, which means a short jacket. El, ‘a par el jacket’ literally means ‘a jacket’ in French. Ap par el Jean, ‘a par el jeans’, means ‘jacket plus jeans’ and a par el trouser, ‘a par el trouser shirt’, means ‘plus sized trousers’.

These are usually described as outer wear. They might be described as camisoles, shorts, tank tops, cardigans, etc. They can also be used as outer wear when they come with accessories like earrings, watches, bracelets, hats, and necklaces. A typical French apareillier Trouser shirt, for example, could be made ready by sewing the right kind of buttons onto the left breast, right above the ‘moulin rouge’. This type of attire is often used for outdoor functions where it would be appropriate to show off one’s stylish side.

The second most common category of apparel is that of ‘Shoes’. Shoes are divided into two broad categories – formal and casual. Formal attire is often worn in important social events or occasions such as weddings, balls, office parties and so on. Casual apparel tends to include trousers, jeans, slacks, dress shoes and so on. For the most part, this type of clothing is sold by department stores or branded showrooms. Casuals can also be bought from online stores if you want to save money.

Textile industry apparel, on the other hand, is worn by housewives, students, actors, musicians and so on. The most common types of textile industry clothing are T-shirts, jumpers, sweat pants, sweatshirts, tracksuits and shorts. The T-shirt is a popular item of apparel because of its comfort and versatility. Women’s T-shirts are generally machine-washable, whereas men’s T-shirts need dry cleaning.